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10 Types of Investment to Start a Business

One of the main barriers to starting a business is investment. Usually, inspiration and design already exist. Living requires capital. Although there is other capital, not only cash to be used as venture capital, capital in the form of money is essential in starting a business. You don't need to be afraid for those of you who feel you don't have enough capital. Currently, c can use many sources to obtain capital disbursement. Some of them are as follows:

1. Installment of Activity Capital from Bank

You can have this instalment with moving or non-moving objects, such as land, houses, buildings, equipment & Machines, Cars, Motorcycles and others. The Bank wants to take into account the object or asset. With this evaluation barometer, the Bank will provide a fair value for the instalment, usually 70% of the remaining amount. Banks also consider other requirements, generally, such as husband and wife ID cards, family cards, track records of applicants for instalments, accounts for the last three months, income files (for employees), financial information for entrepreneurs or industries.

2. Unsecured Installments from the Bank

This instalment is suitable for MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises). Most of the time, Banks provide loan product services without capital for MSMEs. The government is also supporting investment for MSMEs whose name is KUR (people's effort instalments). But the process is more straightforward and less Guaranteed Heritage. Banks that distribute KUR are BRI Bank, BTN Bank and other Ruling Banks.

3. Using a credit card or credit card from a bank

Credit cards are now easy to obtain because Salesmen from the Bank for Credit Card programs are pursuing the target of credit card customers authorized by the Bank. The conditions are close to the requirements for the type of credit above. There is no collateral and only crosschecks by phone, not home surveys.

4. Cash Budget Loans from Non-Bank Financial Institutions

Instalments of this type are now also widely found, moreover some dare to write in their sales advertising campaign "cash budget loans, 1-hour method ends", the collateral used is Moving Objects such as Cars and Motorcycles, the conditions are close to the Bank, but the process is faster and faster. Easy. But think of the interest which is bigger than the Bank.

5. Loans from Savings and Loans Cooperatives (KSP)

This type of instalment is easier to find, and the process is straightforward, some use collateral, some don't, related to the size of the loan, the terms are close to the Bank, but the instalment payments vary, some are every day or every 1-2 months. There are also weekly and monthly ones. This instalment has a higher interest rate, generally 20-25% of the loan amount.

6. Loans from the Employee Cooperative (KOPKAR) specifically for employees or employees

For employees, businesses or offices usually have cooperatives, the conditions are only a signature, the interest is easy, and the payment is more manageable through fat cuts.

7. Loans From Old People or Family

For those who do not have an inheritance to be pledged to the Bank or another Financing Agency, you can try to borrow from your parents or your relatives or family, presenting the inspiration, business concept, capital requirements, profits, and methods of return. Even though older people or families are more lenient in lending capital, you must be reliable in doing business and not change your return on capital. You certainly don't want the friendship bonds that have been good so far to turn into bad ones or break up because you are disappointed that you neglected or did not repay the loan according to your contract.

8. Loans from friends or investors

Today, many people have capital but don't think of inspiration for doing business, including being your close friend, office friend, or someone next door. The principle is similar to capital encouragement from the family. Still, if other people are generally more challenging, you have to be more reliable and willing to work with them. And don't let your good name be disabled because of the investment loan problem.

9. Loans from suppliers or producers

For those of you who have an essential place of business or have a sales route, usually, a particular product manufacturer or supplier will help you in investment, but usually in the form of a deposit for selling products or production machines, and is paid and can also be paid in instalments throughout the process because they are also obliged to pursue sales turnover.

10. Loans from Buyers

For a specific business, consumers who see your creative abilities will provide loans in cash and production engine equipment to achieve a turnover that they can trade. Maybe there is input for this post or other investment base data, and please fill in the opinion column below.

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