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5 Ways to Create a Free Online Store

Online shopping has long been a way of life for our citizens. Many advantages for people who buy through the internet. For example, free from traffic jams and no taxi fees.

Some people also like to be awkward when negotiating things but don't buy them. Well, with online shopping, maybe that kind of thing is almost non-existent. If there is also a negotiation, it is usually a try via email or chat.

If you look at Google Insight (2009) information, in addition to novelty stores and computer stores, many internet consumers are looking for economic clothing outlets and online bicycle shops.

On the other hand, in 2008, the highest searches were for online children's stores, bag stores, and shoe stores.

With such a style, creating an online store is quite promising as long as we can make the right market niche, and maybe the level of competition is negligible.

Well, if you vow to start a shop in cyberspace, here are 5 options for creating an online store for free.

1. Opening an Online Store with a Free Web

Many people use free websites to sell on the internet. The advantage is that there is no need to pay a fee to open an account. But if you want a more suitable concept for your desires, it costs money to order a unique design.

The drawback, opening a shop with a free website is appropriate if the products you want to sell are not very many and the business is tried using a user guide.

Free websites widely used to open online stores: Multiply, Blogger, and WordPress.

2. Opening a Shop at an Online Mall

The increasing market capacity has forced several local online malls such as Tokopedia. Com, TokoBagus. Com, and which will appear Plaza. com belongs to Telkom.

Like a mall, that's where traders and consumers meet. A genuine profit, from the marketing department, we will be significantly helped because it is the malls that will work hard to bring in visitors.

The drawback is that even though opening a shop is free, and you may be charged a fee per business from each marketing carried out at a predetermined percentage for each. Therefore, read the game's rules seriously if you want to use an online mall service.

3. Open in the Buy and Sell Forum

Selling through forums doesn't come close to outlets, and that's why traders prefer to call it lapak. The buying and selling forum at Kaskus is a reasonably well-known illustration. But if your product is exceptional, you can also enter special forums such as photography products in the photography money market. Net.

4. Opening a Store on a Social Networking Web

You can also trade through social networking websites. You can change through the marketplace if you have a Facebook account (although this feature is not that well known). You can use the Facebook application or use default features such as albums to display products.

The advantage is that you can trade with those in your network of friends. However, because websites like this generally block search engines, you will find it difficult to attract potential customers from search engines.

5. Open a Store in a Business Directory

This is an ancient form. But don't be afraid. Business directories that were previously closed to classifieds promotions or specifically the website to install business profiles are also equipped with features for displaying products. In Indonesia, what is categorized as old is like Indonetwork. Co. en. You can register for free to open a regular account here.

Of all the options above, you may need to have all of them. Or, rather

Maybe you have another way to open a free online store?

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