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Learn to trade forex from beginner to good

We have two versions of the explanation of playing forex, and please choose: Explanation as follows

play forex SIMPLE FORMAL version Playing forex is an activity of managing your capital by yourself by conducting forex trading transactions (money) online in the forex market through a broker to make a profit.

So, in playing forex it:

1. There is managed capital

2. The activity is trading forex or money

3. Done via a laptop or smartphone connected to the internet

4. Through brokers

5. The goal is to get profit or increase capital

TERMS of playing forex

To play forex, you need capital, laptop, ID card, email, mobile number and account / ATM of one of the following banks: BCA, BNI, BRI or MANDIRI. If you don't have one of the six things mentioned above, then that means you can't play forex.

Playing forex can be tried on an android tablet or smartphone (if a blackberry can't), but you should trade on a laptop first to freely analyze. But you are on an expedition, and please play forex on an android phone.

Profit or PROFIT

Profits in playing forex arise from the difference between the selling and purchase prices (similar to the usual buying and selling business). For example, the conversion rate or current price is USD or IDR = 13,000, which means $1 = IDR 13. 000

then we buy as much as $ 1 with the capital we spend IDR 13,000, so now we hold the dollar as much as $ 1 After one day, the price of USD/IDR rose to 13,010, which means the value of $1 = Rp. 13,010 Seeing the rising dollar price, we ended up selling the $1 that we were holding to get Rp. 13,010 Note the purchase price is IDR 13,000 per dollar, the selling price is IDR 13,010 per dollar, meaning that there is a price difference of IDR 10. This price difference is our profit.

From the example above, we only profit as much as Rp. 10 because the amount traded is only $1. What if the transaction is as much as $ 1,000,000? Of course, the profit is even more, which is Rp. 10 million So far, any idea? The example above is buying and selling dollars using rupiah; now look at buying and selling euros using the following dollars:

For example, currently, the price of EUR or USD = 1.45510, which means the number 1 Euro = $ 1.45510 After that, we bought 1 euro, with the capital spent $ 1,45510. Until now, we hold 1 Euro. After 1 hour, the price of EUR or USD has changed to 1.45520, which means the number 1 euro = $ 1.45520 Seeing the Euro's value, which rose from $1.45510 to $1.45520, we sell the Euro we hold. So we receive as much as $1.45520

Take note ..!!! The capital issued is $1.45510, and the money received is $1.45520. This means that there is a difference of $ 0.00010. That's our advantage.We only made a profit of $0.00010, that's because we only made a transaction of 1 euro, if we made a transaction of 1 million euros, of course, the profit was $100

Comment: "what..!! a million euro transaction??? how much capital do you need?? the transaction period of 1 million euros only makes $100 profit"

Answer: "Don't worry, boss!! 01000. So you can still make a bigger profit."

Do you understand a bit??

We continue ..!!

In playing forex online, what is traded is only strong country currencies, including EUR, USD, GBP, AUD, NZD and JPY

All these currencies have been grouped into Currency pairs with the rule that the coin with the higher value is in front. Like this :

In this currency pair, the currency in front is likened to GOODS, and the currency behind is MONEY (means of payment).

Therefore, if we make a BUY EURUSD transaction, it means buying EUR using USD

How about buying dollars using euros?

The answer: NO!!

There is no such thing as USD/EUR, and there is EUR/USD because the value of the Euro is higher than the USD (this is the rule) so that the Euro is in the front as goods and USD as the money. So it is impossible to buy cash with interest.

So the language is not "buy Dollars using Euros" but "Selling Euros to get Dollars or called SELL EURUSD."

so that

If you want to hold the Euro, then BUY EURUSD.

If you want to hold USD, do SELL EURUSD

here's the illustration:

Please note that in playing forex:

between BUY and SELL are two different transactions, NOT RELATED Therefore, if you are currently buying EURUSD, then selling EURUSD means you have done two times of business or used your capital twice to buy EURUSD and sell EURUSD.

Then what is the trick so that you can profit from the business you are trying? The trick is to finish the business or close the trade with CLOSE. CLOSE action is an action to collect profits (if explained further, it can take a long time ... will turn into a headache)

Next is the trick:

In buying and selling, to get that profit, we have to change A to B and then to A again, and after that, we can see the profit and loss. For example: From money to the house and after that to cash again. The use of CLOSE is to return what has been held back to its original form. Like that what happens in playing forex is to exchange currency A into currency B and then exchange it back into currency A That's why it's called FOREX (forex), which means foreign currency alteration. So playing forex, the core activity is BUY then CLOSE, or SELL then CLOSE.

Where to find a profit, the flow should be like this:

Next, this is an illustration of a forex or forex business film. if you want to do gold business, show the chart of Golden or XAUUSD In trading, you can BUY first or SELL first, then Close, and you don't have to BUY first. This is the profit playing forex, and we can profit from prices that go up or prices that go down if it's the right option to buy or sell. We can get faster profits because we don't always have to wait when prices increase.

Comment: "How can you profit from falling prices? What's the logic?"

Answer: "For example, you have $10 and the current exchange rate is USDIDR = 14,500 which means the value is $1 = IDR 14,500. Then you expect the USD IDR rate to fall. Therefore you do SELL USD IDR or release dollars to get rupiah. So by selling/releasing that $10, you receive 145,000 rupiahs.The next day it turned out that the USD IDR exchange rate fell to 14,000, which means now $1 = Rp. 14,000

Take note..!! With this USD IDR = 14,000 exchange rate if you use the Rp. 145,000 you hold to buy back dollars, how much $ will you get? The answer is $10.35 The initial capital is $10, and the final money is $10.35. There is a profit of $0.35 from the falling price


You can not only buy 1 EUR when playing forex online but the amount you trust in lots. You can't buy just one stab if you buy satay, but it is mandatory based on Kodi. Illustration: buying one Kodi satay means buying 20 skewers of satay. In forex it is important 1 lot = 100,000 shares. So if you are doing business to buy a Lot of EUR, that means you are buying 100,000 euros

The following is an illustration of the enumeration of the profit amount:

For example, the current EURUSD price or rate is 1.45510

*ket: it means the number 1 EUR = 1.45510 USD

After that, we buy EURUSD with a capacity of 1 lot or buy 100,000 EUR using USD

*ket: Load capacity is the number of businesses transacted, the unit is LotLot. 1 lot is 100,000 units

Until the limit required to buy a lot of EURUSD, 1.45510 X 100,000 = $ 145. 510

*Note: Limit is the amount of capital used to carry out transactions

After that, for example, after 3 hours, the EURUSD exchange rate changed to 1.45650, which means INCREASE 140 value from the initial speed when we bought it.

*note 0.00001 this is called 1 point

If at the price of EURUSD 1.45650 we close, the money we get is 1.45650 X 100,000 = $ 145. 650

*ket: Close is basically to quote profit.

Please observe the capital used when buying EURUSD 1 lot capacity is $ 145. 510, and the money raised after closing was $144. 650 that, means we make a profit of $140 This $140 gain or gain will go to the trading account, increasing the capital difference.

*conclusion: With a business capacity of 1 lot, and a price difference of 140 values, the profit is $140.

This means that if the number 1 value for a business lot is $ 1 Method of the amount of profit in playing forex In essence, the overall profit is the price difference multiplied by the amount traded.

Illustration of sharing the advantages of playing forex:

- You Buy EURUSD with a load capacity of 0.1 lot. After that, you get 200 values ​​until the total profit is 200 values ​​X 0.1 lot X$1=$20

- You Sell EURUSD with a load capacity of 0.01 lots. After that, you get 400 values ​​until the total profit is 400 values ​​X 0.01 lots X$1=$4

How CAPITAL to play forex?

Usually, if the current price of EURUSD is 1.45510 and you buy one LotLot, then the money needed to buy the business is 1.45510 X 1 X 100,000 = $145 510 or close to IDR 1.5 billion.

Do you have that much money? Maybe not...

This is where agents are used; The agent provides a leverage system or a system for the amount of collateral money that needs to be sent to carry out certain specific businesses.

The broker provides many leverage options ranging from 1:1 , 1:50 , 1:100, 1:200, 1:500, 1:1000 and 1:2000

What does all that mean?

If we choose a leverage of 1:1000, we can use the broker's money 1000 times the security deposit by providing a certain amount.

In other words, to carry out the transaction, we only need to provide a security deposit of only one-thousandth of the money. Should need.

For example, to Buy EURUSD as much as one LotLot, we don't need to provide $145500, but just one-thousandth of it, which is only $145

If the transaction is only 0.1 lot, the collateral needed is only $14.5. Or if the volume is even smaller, for example, 0.01 lots, the guarantee that needs to be provided is only $1.45

That way, the capital to play forex is small because the money traded when playing forex is the broker's money, and our money is only for guarantees.

This security deposit that needs to be provided is called MARGIN.

If we choose 1:1 leverage, then the Margin will be considerable. On the contrary, if we decide the 1:2000 influence, the Margin is minimal.

Comment: "So what we trade is the broker's money?"

Answer: "true. Our capital money is only a guarantee to use the broker's money. If purely using our money, then we need considerable capital."

Comment: "If the transaction is a big loss, will we have a debt to the broker?"

Answer: "No. that will never happen, because when the potential loss is almost as big as capital, then all your transactions will be closed automatically by the system. So there will never be a loss greater than capital."

the minimum capital to play forex

Please note that the minimum transaction volume is 0.01 lots. And the maximum leverage is 1:2000.

Therefore, if the current EURUSD price is 1.45510 and our account uses 1:2000 leverage and then wants to trade with a volume of 0.01 lots, the Margin needed for EURUSD transactions is 0.01 lots. The calculation is like this:

So, for a 0.01 lot EurUsd transaction on an account with 1:2000 leverage where the EURUSD price is 1.45510, it only takes a margin of $0.72 or around IDR 7,200 (if the dollar exchange rate is $1 = IDR 10,000,-)

That means that the capital to play forex is small. With tens of thousands of money, it is enough to play forex.

However, the broker determines the minimum capital limit for each account type. Here's the list:

"So, can you play forex with only $10 or around IDR 100,000?"

Can be...!! But the question is, how much profit do you want to make with only IDR 100,000 with capital? Is it possible to build a business with only Rp? 100,000?

So, the amount of capital is adjusted to the profit you want to get. In our opinion, to play forex, the minimum capital standard is IDR 1 million.

Potential to play forex

Take a look at the following EURUSD chart image:

In the EURUSD chart above, it has been measured that on June 8, 2015, the EURUSD chart moved up along 2100 points for one day.

Just imagine...!! With a value of $ 1 per point for a transaction of 1 lot, then there is the potential to make $ 2100 in a day. The average price movement in a day is about 1000 points, so every day, there is the potential to make $ 1000 if we trade as much as one LotLot

The question is, is your capital sufficient to make one lot forex transactions?

Back to the potential for forex trading, the potential profit will be even more tremendous if the transaction volume is enlarged. And vice versa, if the transaction volume is reduced, the possible amount of profit will be smaller. Because the amount of profit depends on the points earned and the volume traded

So, if you want big profits, you need to increase the transaction volume (lots), but remember that the risk is even greater. On the other hand, if you want a small profit, you need to reduce the transaction volume so that the risk is small. Playing forex has provided the broadest possible potential, but back to our choice of how much profit we want. As below for example, please click:

The picture above shows that the smaller the transaction volume, the smaller the profits and the minimal risk. The potential for profit and potential loss in playing forex is the same. Just like businesses and businesses in general, there is a possibility that the company will make a profit; there is also a possibility that the business will lose. There is a possibility that the industry will increase, and there is also a possibility that the company will go bankrupt. It depends on the ability to manage it.

Forex playing financial system

To start playing forex, you must first make a capital deposit that. Will manage into a trading account. Capital deposits (forex deposits) can use local bank accounts such as BCA, BNI, Mandiri, and BRI in the rupiah currency. This capital deposit is made by transfer to the broker's account, then confirmed. Next, the broker will enter several dollars (USD) into your trading account. So the funds in the trading account are in the form of US dollars.

After that, we can make transactions. If the result is a profit, then the profit will go to the trading account so that the balance in the trading account will increase. . will withdraw the balance in the trading account to the bank account at any time and any rate.

Fund safety in playing forex

There is no safe place to keep the money. If you have Rp, one hundred billion in cash, then you save it at home, there is a possibility that, and will steal the funds, even if the Rp. One hundred billion is deposited in a bank, and it is not 100% safe if the bank goes bankrupt. The government guarantees will lose the money up to Rp 2 billion, and the rest is lost.

But even though it's not 100% safe, the chances of it being unsafe are very, very small. It's the same with the capital deposited to play forex, it's not 100% safe, but the possibility of being unsafe is minimal. So, in general, it can also be said to be SAFE.

Several things ensure your funds are safe, including:

1. There are two layers of security for withdrawing funds, namely using a PIN CODE and a Confirmation Code sent to your cellphone or email

2. can only withdraw funds to a bank account whose name matches the name on the trading account.

3. The broker's job is not to manage your funds but only as a trading intermediary. If every transaction made by a broker-client receives a commission of $ 1, then the total commission received by the broker from hundreds of thousands of clients is already substantial. So the broker can't commit fraud because it will damage his reputation.

"Be careful if there are companies that claim to be brokers and offer forex investments where the company manages your capital. Once again, the broker is not a fund manager..!! Please trade forex yourself, manage your funds."

LAW of playing forex

Playing forex is a legal activity; there are no restrictions. In addition, there is a financial authority that regulates it. For example, in Indonesia, it is controlled by BAPPEBTI. In Australia, it is regulated by ASIC. In Russia, it is owned by CRFIN. In Cyprus, it is regulated by CYSEC. In England, it is controlled by FCA and others.

From a religious point of view, the MUI fatwa No: 28/DSN-MUI/III/2002 concerning the Sale and Purchase of Currency states that, in principle, buying and selling of this currency is permissible.

The MUI fatwa was issued with various considerations and the basis of Islamic law, meaning that at a glance, according to Islamic religious law, buying and selling this currency is neither haram nor halal but only permissible.

However, if you are a devout Muslim and have doubts about whether it is halal or haram to play forex or buy and sell this money, you should look for other business alternatives that are halal.

HOW TO play forex?

We have explained playing forex, and maybe now you have an idea about playing forex. If you are interested in working in this field, please follow the steps to play forex on the website.

These are the stages of playing forex; please follow the guide step by step, don't jump around, so you don't get confused.

1. Register to create a trading account

2. Account verification

3. Install MetaTrader

4. Deposit or capital deposit

5. Practice trading on a demo account

6. Forex transactions on real accounts

Any idea?

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