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Scarcity of structured circuits in 2022

The scarcity of structured circuits is when the demand for structured courses exceeds the supply. Starvation usually occurs because of social, political, or physical changes that reduce the value of creation. Illustration in 1986 when. There was a shortage in a pact between the Japanese structured circuit manufacturing industry and Syndicate America.[1] Changes in manufacturing methods can also cause uniformity because adapting the sector to the current form of structured circuits cannot be immediate; some rely on older structured courses whose production is gradually decreasing. Natural disasters can also limit the distribution of structured methods or raw materials if the basic materials for structured circuits are made in the affected area. The illustration of scarcity in 1993 occurred because factories producing resins used to manufacture structured courses faced a boom.[2]

The scarcity of structured circuits could significantly impact electronics manufacturers, who could force them to switch to courses created by other manufacturers, which could potentially reduce their profits. Some electronics manufacturers will have to redesign their products because replacement structured circuits may have different details.

And Identify the Concept of Integrated Circuit Positioning Rules

What is the Concept of Structured Circuit Positioning Rule (DTLST)?

The concept of Structured Circuit Positioning Rules is a synthetic form of the idea of placing three formats of various parts, at least one of which is an active part, and some or all of the interconnections in a structured circuit and the placement of these three formats is intended for planning the manufacture of structured courses.

How can DTLST be registered?

A DTLST can be registered if the DTLST is authentic, the concept is the designer's creation, and when the DTLST is created, it is not familiar to designers.

How long does DTLST's legal protection last?

DST had obtained legal protection for ten years from when DTLST was profitably exploited or when. Made the registration application.

Trade Secret Identification

What is a Business Secret?

Business Secret is data that the familiar people do not know in technology and the field of business. It has economic figures because it is helpful in business activities and is protected by confidentiality by the owner of the Business Secret.

What is the scope of protection for Business Secrets?

The scope of protection of Business Secrets includes procedures for creation, methods for artistry, marketing procedures, or other data in technology and business fields that have economic figures and are not known by ordinary citizens.

How are the Business Secret breaches established?

A Business Secret Breach occurs when:

1. a person deliberately discloses a Business Secret, involves a contract, or involves a registered or unregistered role to protect the relevant Business Secret;

2. a person obtains or understands a Business Secret by a method contrary to legal laws and regulations.

Illustration of DTLST or Integrated Circuit Positional Rules Concept

DTSLT is a product in a 3-format betting concept made from various parts. The number of active components is at least one, so it can connect in a structured circuit.

So, two essential factors work, namely the concept of positional rules and structured circuits. As a result, there are active parts so that one element can be connected to another. Its placement in a semiconductor material to obtain electronic use.

An illustration of DTLST or the earliest structured circuit position rule concept on the oscillator in radio. By placing the parts on a structured circuit in the right way, it can create a purpose.

Another illustration of the position rule of a protected structured circuit is on a phone or a PC. One of its parts is a chip or Circuit Housed in a Program.

The chip is a beam of several materials, such as diodes, transistors, and capacitors. These materials are listed in the modifier factor or the broker of electric motion.

The description of the protected structured circuit position rule illustration illustrates the significance of the structured circuit position rule concept. That way, it is understandable that without the presence of this part, an electronic device will not be able to function.

That's why DTLST is listed as part of intellectual property rights. If there is no view from someone to make a profit, technology will not grow. This DTLST also has special Legal regulations that protect it.

So, it is different from the usual IPR provisions. Besides the description above, there are many other illustrations of the concept of structured circuit position rules in Indonesia. The point is, if it is uniform with the picture, it will include DTLST.

The law that regulates and prevents DTLST is Law No. 32 of 2000. The contents explain entirely the meaning of structured circuits, subjects, rights to make, and time. Not only that, but the method of making a protection application has also been described authentically.

Method of Entering DTLST

After mastering the Indonesian structured circuit position rule concept illustration, the next step is to know how to register it. In this way, you will get legal protection and be handled if there is a violation of the right to manufacture. Next are the steps.

1. Make a written request message containing the designer's personal information. Among other things, complete title and purpose and nationality. Do not forget to affix the applicant's signature or the responsible person.

2. When using a power service, you also need to include a power message. Not only that, but it also contains an explanation of the DTLST.

3. After that, submit the deed to DJKI (Directorate General of Intellectual Property) to lead to administrative confirmation steps.

4. After that, make the payment of PNBP (State Income Open Tax). The nominal has been regulated in PP No. 28 of 2019. Types of MSMEs, the tariff is 400 thousand rupiahs, again for non-SMEs is 700 thousand rupiahs.

5. When the payment has ended, the whole deed will be entered into the registration counter. So, the applicant or resident awaits acceptance.

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