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Understanding Smart Home System Technology and Working Methods

 In the past, our aged people may have seen films filled with futuristic items such as action, designs that were wishful thinking in the past have now come true clearly in the current era. Thanks to technological advances, people today can feel how a dream becomes clear.

For example, in the past, we saw advanced features such as virtual reality glasses, or in the past, it could be that people had the dream of being able to converse with relatives remotely by using a call that showed not only the voice but also the face of the speech opponent, it seemed wildly futuristic in the background. That era, but in today's age, everything has become clear, and it has become commonplace and a part of our daily lives.

From this activity, it is clear that futuristic technology is trending and creating other streaks. For example, for those who like the Iron Man movie or have watched it, they must have explored a form called J. A. R. V. I. S, right? Indeed, this form is not a person's personality but the technology embedded in Tony Stark's house that allows him to carry out conversations and manage his home's functions.

It seems very unlikely to see that it can be applied in nature in reality today. Even so, you don't need to be afraid first. This technology can also be called a home automaton, or its current popular title is called a smart home. You can organize your home just by sharing commands. Of course, such as turning on the lights, turning on or off the air conditioner, turning on the sound, and so on so that you can minimize your actions when you are busy with other things.

With this technology, of course, those who need free time at home will feel more qualified; After a day of working outside the house, maybe you will feel tired, and when you get home, you don't have to bother to reach the light switch. Your smart home will react very effectively to turn on lights and technology. You can use this innovative home to amaze your loved ones. You can give a romantic atmosphere with the usual setting to commemorate something with your partner. You want to make a memorable moment by remotely setting the sound or simply suggesting it.

What is a Smart Home?

smart home or what can also be called an intelligent home is creating everything in the house that is integrated with the latest technological systems. So. You can control all parts via cellphone or computer. Suitable for lighting, security, and cooking problems in the kitchen.

In developing countries such as America and Japan, this system has been widely used and has been proven to help cut house cleaning time. Not only that, but the place is also often used to increase home security. Can monitor remotely with an easy method. Generally, the use of this system links the chip as the core of the system owned by the homeowner.

Smart Home Technology

Many technologies are available to create an innovative home design, so when you are ready to use it, it is up to you to choose which one suits the needs and conditions of the house. Moreover, the Google Smart Home level program has also prepared various technologies to support its use.

1. Mirror Smart Mirror

It looks like a glass mirror but is an intelligent mirror, and it can use for various things in your home. Starting from making minor memos hidden in his memory, he can also monitor sound and light settings. Not only that, but this PC-based technology can also be an internet search tool.

2. August Smart Pro

This is a technology used for home security, especially the issue of locking all doors. You can sync it with your smartphone, so you can button the house from your phone when you get back. So there will be no problem when the house keys disappear, or you don't remember to tie the house when it is in the office.

3. Motion Check

You can use it to control the on and off lights in your home without the hassle of using a switch. There is an intelligent light switch where customers can set when the lights must turn on and off automatically. Not only that, but it also acts as remote control of enlightenment activities.

4. IR Remote Surveillance

This system allows you to have one remote for all electronic features in the house. For example, if you want to turn on the hot water when you return to the office, you can set it via your cellphone when browsing again, and you no longer need to wait long to be able to clean yourself quickly. Or, if you want the house to be cold when you return from work, stay using the remote to turn on the air conditioner at the desired temperature. So when you enter the house, you feel fresh again without having to have a hectic schedule to find the remote, turn on the air conditioner and wait.

5. Smart Refrigerator

Currently, several refrigerator manufacturers make this feature equipped with a PC for various purposes. A kind of Samsung with a PC feature on the front can be used as a shopping recorder to watch movies while cooking in the kitchen.

Creating a Smart Home

Do not think that. You cannot convert your current home into a smart home because any house can use this design. Entirely change some things, and the house becomes technology-friendly. The first is to change some of the switches that will later become brokers on modern electronic devices at home. Then also provide an internet network that will be essential so that all transition methods towards an intelligent home can run efficiently. It doesn't cost a fortune. Especially if you already want to do it at this time, please start.

But when you build a house, go straight to the electricity network that will support various electronic features on the innovative home platform. Because the manufacture is not as scary as the interpretation of Smart Home, which for some people can be very high class. So start designing permanent electronic equipment locations to facilitate their installation and collaboration with intelligent home technology.

Smart Home Activity Method

In the usual way, making a simple Smart Home is supported by an easy activity method through a transmitter, the control center, from such a transmitter controlled all types of modern electronics in your home. Each electronic device will have a special chip as a check controlled by a digital remote.

You can synchronize this remote with your cellphone or laptop, so you can carry out controls and settings more easily wherever you are. There is no need to say goodbye to leave the office just because you don't remember turning off the stove or don't remember turning off the AC in the bedroom. These supporting features are not very expensive, and you can choose the one that suits your calculations because many manufacturers provide affordable products with no inferior quality.

So it is next!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart Home Systems

After mastering Smart Home and how it works, the next is

You need to know the advantages and disadvantages to become your estimate in implementing this innovative home system in your home the next day.

Profit Smart Home (Smart Home)

Some of the advantages of a smart home you can see from how you can control the amount of energy, especially electricity in your home, by blocking the use of electronic equipment and lights, such as by setting a timer automatically, for those of you who are someone with essential activities and need a short time. .. A good home activity can help you not to waste too much time.

Another practical value is that, with a smart home, there must be equipment that integrates with your smartphone or with your cellphone; now, you don't need to bother if you want to watch television, for example, but don't remember where to put the remote, meanwhile your television already has IoT. Can turn it on just by using a cellphone, very economical. Likewise, when for example, there are tourists, and your position is on the 2nd floor of the house, you can save energy by checking your tourists through the intercom or your front door camera and using your cellphone; There are many things that you can save on by using a smart home. The system starts from electrical power to your body's ability.

Weaknesses of Smart Homes (Smart home)

Apart from the advantages of a smart home, some think that the weakness of this system will help you minimize the losses that will occur if you decide to install this innovative home system in your home. Because the application controls everything, there will be an effect of the formation of bugs or systems that do not work optimally according to design, and it is very natural to happen. The best way to deal with this is to create an analog system or operate it using customer guidance to implement features directly through applications.

Also, as a result, you will always have a substitute for using your furniture.

With an internet connection in every feature, it means that you are not a target for hackers to sneak into your home system. At this time, you must be careful not to trust your cellphone with anyone or at least completely ignore data about your smart home from people you don't count. Another method is to use strong signaling and encryption. It is better if you have a two-factor-authenticator is to give access to the login feature with two different accounts, so if someone wants to log in to your main account, then he will allow your second account to be verified; Using two cell phones is also very helpful in keeping your information away.

Another thing is to install a system that is quite expensive at this time, estimated to reach tens of millions for the wiring system. Because of the abnormal electrical situation in Indonesia, you must be prepared to have provisions for system operations and procedures. Walking safely keeps the features that are used all use electricity. The goal is how methods such as security systems are not established when there is a power outage and the like to be comfortable when walking or sleeping at home.


So is short information about intelligent homes that today's customers need to understand. The integration and application of this technology itself are not as complicated as it seems. Anyone can experience the great benefits of this innovative home system if they have the mind and desire.

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