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Increase Alexa Traffic Rank Drastically

As beginners in the blogging world, we have to know a lot about SEO tips from SEO masters on how to increase Alexa Traffic Rank. In contrast to previous years, from year to year, and last year was a proud year, Indonesia has emerged many SEO masters and even world level. However, not all the tips on the many blogs scattered in cyberspace come from the right masters or have been proven. In this case, of course, we must be careful.

Still, as a beginner in the blogging world, since getting to know Alexa and installing a widget on one of the sidebars of this technology blog, there are several things that I believe can increase Alexa's Traffic Rank quite drastically. And I have proven this myself. Well. Can do many things to increase Alexa Rank traffic. However, so that it doesn't sound like a joke, I will reveal here what has been proven to increase the Alexa Traffic Rank of this technology blog.

Eight things that I have learned and proven to increase Alexa Rank Traffic, this technology blog has increased its ranking within 1 month, which means that this technology blog managed to get rid of several Alexa rank competitors on other blogs in a short time. The result is significant and encouraging for new bloggers and beginners like me. Suppose your new blog is now on the Alexa Traffic Rank of around millions. You can immediately hang out in the hundreds of thousands by applying these tips. Here are 8 simple tips that I have learned and applied

1. Avoiding standard templates

An attractive appearance has proven to attract visitors, which is one of the secrets of SEO. And you usually don't find an attractive appearance if you only use existing standard templates, both WordPress and Blogspot. So immediately change the standard appearance of your blog.

2. Avoid mutually display (themes)

Next, after I got to know so many new free templates that I could use, I started to change templates. As a result, my Alexa Rank traffic didn't change for 2 days, even though article updates continued. We have to be consistent with one theme that we think is the best and see the results in a day the Alexa Rank traffic of this technology blog increases.

3. Start Using Read More

Well, this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever done. You know, newbie. When I started actively writing, there were already more or less 20 articles, but it was ridiculous. Displayed all the contents of my articles. So the homepage looks very long and untidy. Again, there is no increase in Alexa Rank traffic (as a newbie, we want Alexa Rank traffic to increase, even if a little). As soon as I realized that, I started using Readmore. The read more form that I use is as written on the homepage of this blog "read more." It's simple, although you can also use images there.

4. Using the category widget

The category widget is also essential for visitors, and it makes it easier for visitors to find posts in the same category and provides benefits such as text links. Naturally, these simple tips are also one of the SEO Secrets. No wonder the number of visits to this technology blog is difficult to increase. And I realized this after visiting several friends' blogs, and there, we can compare how good it is to read friends' blogs that have categories to those that don't. Hohoho.

So, since then, this blog has used categorization; hopefully, it will make it easier for visitors to find the reading they want. And to make it look more relaxed, I use the categorization on the navbar. As you can see above, there are several categories that I have installed, namely Popular Science, Information Technology, and so on. Please check for yourself.

5. Avoiding too broad topics

Now, this is a fatal mistake. I thought that the more keywords, the better. At first, I used, blogs to fill various kinds of content from management science, social, statistics, research methods, statistics, tutorials, the Internet, computers, actual news, popular science, and others. Ah, it's messed up. Again, I'm a newbie.

After knowing the SEO secrets from several masters, we have to focus on the targeted keywords, blog descriptions, post titles/articles with content including visitor comments, and even visitor blog topics. Remember! Loyal visitors to your blog are usually interested in specific topics. On that basis, I finally decided to divide it into 2 blogs, one of which is this technology blog specifically about Information technology.

6. Avoiding deviant post topics

Continuing the previous tips, you must be consistent with the topic you have set. For example, if your blog is about the Internet, don't talk about marriage law. After applying some of the tips above, Alexa Rank traffic can go up to 2,700,000 rankings; it's delighting as a newbie to get rid of 2,700,000 other blogs.

7. Avoid posting that is too short or too long

Furthermore, posts that are too long will cause your page not to be fully indexed by search engines. For long articles, you can create a series of articles. And vice versa, posts that are too short are also not liked by search engines, and this results in your blog being at the bottom when people type keywords on google or yahoo or other search engines.

8. Avoid publishing posts before tidying up (Use Preview first)

The last stupid thing I have done is that I post an article that is still a draft. Of course, this will confuse visitors who want to read the article posted. When your visitors are actively reading, the article changes because it is still in editing one minute later. Wow, you can run away. Visitors don't want to read our articles anymore. We should use the Preview first before the article is posted. Or give info that the article is still being edited. This also applies if you are editing a template or something else.

What has been shared here is not nonsense, and it has been proven by experimental results using this blog, a newbie blog about technology. Once again, this is the result of a newbie experiment. Sorry for the masters who accidentally read this post; please provide input.

Data: (Before applying these tips, Alexa traffic ranked, for example, at 7,917,340, after applying slowly, the ranking rose to 5,202,507, the day later 4,689,514, the next day 4,406,757 and until. Wrote this writing, and it was ranked 3,160,386). Happy for a newbie.

Hopefully Helpful and Happy holy month of Ramadan.

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